The QuickHedge Team

QuickHedge team; 6 tioegwijde groenprofessionals

The QuickHedge team consists of 7 dedicated gardening professionals. Peter Bongers and his sidekicks Bas Verbrugge and Yvette van der Ven take care of the management, marketing, sales and customer service. Bas and Peter can of course often be found in among their hedges. You either have a green heart or you don’t! In the nursery, assisted by advanced GPS technology in order to achieve the most accurate working procedure, three gardening specialists (Rob van den Tillart, Bart Smits, Joris Kappen and Peter Jaegers) dedicate themselves full-time to the cultivation of our hedges in over 28 varieties.

Already, QuickHedge has over 700 sales points in Europe that focus on landscapers, private individuals, entrepreneurs, park managers, municipalities and event organisers. And in the USA, a large nursery started up a QuickHedge franchise in 2014. The concept is a success, QuickHedge is flourishing and the team is ready to help you!




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