The purchase of a QuickHedge instant hedge starts with you, and with the designer of your garden or company garden. Or with the landscaper who designs and constructs your garden or company garden. If you opt for a luxuriant green hedge, rather than a boundary partition in stone, wood or fencework, you already have near-maximal privacy within one day. Because this is how quickly a QuickHedge instant hedge can be up. Within one single day!

  • 08:00

    Dig ditch

  • 12:00

    Plant hedge

  • 16:00


  • 20:00


If the preparations for your project are complete, your hedge will be delivered on the agreed day. All your gardener has to do is dig a ditch and plant the instant hedges. Before you know it, you are sitting comfortably out of sight behind your lovely new hedge enjoying your privacy. And its simply amazing quality.


Is that enjoyment or what?

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