What type of hedge suits you best?

What type of hedge would you really like? An evergreen or a deciduous one? A hedge that bears fruit? Or one of those attractive specimens? At QuickHedge, you can choose from over 29 instant hedges (of various heights), so there is always a type of hedge that suits you and your project well.

  • Evergreen hedges

    You could opt for an evergreen hedge if you are very attached to your privacy all year round. With an evergreen hedge around your garden, even in the winter, when most trees, shrubs and bushes have lost their leaves, you prevent people seeing into your home. Your taste also plays a role in this: the desired look and feel. Do you prefer the fresh, lighter greenery of thuja or jasmine? Or do you like the atmospheric, deep green of holly or yew? Here you can see our range of evergreen instant hedges.
  • Deciduous hedges

    Like most shrubs and trees, a deciduous hedge loses its leaves in autumn. And thus its attractive green colour. Some types such as beech are partly deciduous and retain their brown wrinkled foliage in the winter months. Nonetheless, deciduous hedges have much to offer. Every season, you are pleasantly surprised with new, often profuse, colours, shapes, blossom, and – with kiwi and grape for example – fruit. As regards maintenance, the deciduous plant does not differ essentially from the evergreen. So mainly just listen to your green heart!
  • Block shapes / solitaires

    Odd man out in our assortment: QuickHedge Block shapes. A unique way to enrich your garden with a stylish decorative element, and with a nesting place for birds. Block shapes also add much value to your garden design. Think of the play of lines and the shadow pictures. Think of a hedge, interrupted by block shapes just like the battlements on the walls of a castle. Your castle... Or a gate, flanked rustically by stately block shapes, giving your garden extra cachet. And also your house.